OK, I’ve had it!  I’m ready to lose some weight. 

About 6 months ago I gave up Diet Coke and switched to root beer.  I didn’t want to drink the aspartame anymore.  Since then, I’ve started putting on weight and I’m retaining a lot of water.  My ankles were really swollen at night.  I was introduced to the idea of a PaleoCleanse and I thought why not try it.

It is a 28 day cleanse.  It’s not the kind where you are in the bathroom all day.  It’s very slow and it’s more about eliminating all of the toxic foods that I’ve been eating.  I’m on day 6 and I’ve lost 4 pounds and two inches on my tummy.  Yipee!  I’m so excited, but more than that,  I’ve even given up the root beer!


Removing Wrinkles in our Lives

This blog is about more than face wrinkles.  Here I will discuss all kinds of wrinkles in our lives.  Life can get very busy and sometimes feel out of control.  I will be sharing ideas to bring balance and peace to your life.  Some of the ideas that I have to share will include but are not limited to:

Skin Care


Tools for handling stress


Make Up application

Anti aging tips

Weight loss

These are some of the topics that I would like to discuss with you.  I’m sure that I will have more ideas as we continue our journey together.

What are some of the wrinkles in your life?